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Albany, New Zealand


Widening of a 3.8km section of Albany Highway was completed by Fulton Hogan for Auckland Transport between 2014 and 2016. The works included the construction of 12 retaining walls both above and below the widened corridor and the replacement of Days Bridge over Oteha Stream. The works facilitated additional road lanes to more than double the capacity of the highway and improve pedestrian and cycling amenities.


CMW was engaged to design several StoneStrong gravity retaining walls up to 4 metres high, and the abutments for the Days Bridge replacement, including the design of abutment piles.


The presence of numerous services within the construction corridor proved problematic for the contractors during the project. CMW worked collaboratively with the contractors and suppliers to provide timely design alternatives that were best suited to the limited available work space and to changes that were made necessary by unexpected conditions on site.

Limited space was a particular issue for a high wall in cut below a cemetery and a composite piled gravity alternative was designed to minimise the wall thickness and preserve the land in the property above.


“I was impressed by CMW Geosciences ability to provide cost effective solutions for the client in a timely and efficient manner whilst understanding the needs for the client and programme.”

Matthew Willcox (CMW, ex Fulton Hogan)

Days Bridge South Abutment

Wall A3 Designed by CMW

Wall P3 Designed by CMW

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