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Bulk Coal Terminal


To enable the sale of coal to offshore markets, Lanco Resources proposed a development of Bulk Coal Terminal at the existing Bunbury Port. The port works are divided into landside and marine packages. Key components of the landside development include a new 2.6 km rail loop, 19m deep train unloader, 125m x 750m coal storage  shed with 200kPa floor loads and conveyors.

Key components of the marine development include the construction of a wharf and ship loading facility, including a 17m high quay wall, and a 1,000,000m3 berth pocket.

The subsurface profile at the site comprises surficial dune sands and dredge spoil overlying recent (loose / soft) alluvium, over older (stiff / dense) alluvium and variably weathered mafic bedrock.


CMW conducted a geotechnical investigation of the project area addressing both the landslide and marine developments

  • Drilling supervision of 26 boreholes up to 40m deep. Monitoring wells were also installed in 10 of the boreholes;
  • Supervision of 46 Cone Penetration Test (CPT) probes up to 10.2m deep;
  • Land based geophysics including MASW, Shallow EM and GPR;
  • Nearshore Marine bathymetry and Magnetic surveying;
  • Sub-Bottom Profiling (SBP) and marine Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI); and
  • Preparation of factual and interpretive reporting


CMW successfully managed the 6 week investigation within the existing port facility within the required timeframe.

Factual and interpretive information was delivered promptly to meet the programme requirements of the client. Key geotechnical challenges addressed by CMW included liquefaction, dredging, slope stability of the dredge pocket, controlling settlement beneath the coal storage shed and the construction of the proposed train unloader in sandy soils with shallow groundwater.

Conceptual designs were provided for the 19m deep train unloader (including temporary works) and the 17m high wharf quay. A range of solutions were also presented for controlling settlements of the coal storage shed under the proposed 200kPa floor loads.

Geotechnical Borehole Drilling

Example Ground Model in Development Area

Conceptual Design for Wharf Quay

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