Working for CMW Geosciences

From inception, CMW Geosciences is a business which our staff want to be part of, our clients want to work with and our competitors want to become.

We aim to assist and nurture all of our staff, to ensure everyone has the ability to grow and maintain meaningful, long-term relationships with our clients and fellow workers.

We offer our staff all of the tools, guidance and technical support they need to win the work and deliver the project. This whole-project-approach is one factor which sets us apart from our competitors. It’s also something we want to give back to all our employees.

So whether you decide to spend your entire career with us - or only a few short years, you will be in a better position for the next stage of your career development after spending time at CMW Geosciences.

CMW Geosciences' senior people are experienced and are continuously engaged to share their technical expertise. This is carried out through technical shares, internal training, technical paper reviews, and a thorough review process of reports. Additionally, managers spend time with their individual team members to lay out a plan for external studies, thus assisting with the technical / management development to reach higher levels within the business.’s not all about hard work at CMW Geosciences though!

Each office is encouraged to carry out regular activities outside of work to support an enviable team culture. Some of our recent activities include mountain bike riding, sailing, skeet shooting, dinners, days at the races, boat cruises, tennis, volleyball and lawn bowls. We sometimes share these activities with other consultancies who we have close working relationships with.

We work hard at CMW Geosciences - that’s important to build a successful and sustainable business. If CMW Geosciences sounds like the place for you to start or continue your geotech journey, follow the link and we will be in contact.

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