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Midland Station is located 16km from the Perth CBD in Western Australia. The METRONET New Midland Station Project will replace the ageing infrastructure at Midland Station with a modern facility that can meet future demand and will include:

  • Decommissioning the existing Midland Station building/platforms and constructing a new station east of its current location
  • 24/7 publicly accessible bridge structure to provide a pedestrian connection between the north and south sides of the rail corridor and the new station platforms
  • New multi-storey car park with more than 600 parking bays
  • New 12-stand bus interchange.
  • Multi-storey Operations Facility which includes driver’s sign-on, administration facilities and associated staff parking
  • Closing the existing Helena Street level-crossing and creating a new level-crossing by extending Cale Street south to Yelverton Drive

Our Involvement

The METRONET New Midland Station Project site has been subject to multiple phases of geotechnical investigations to date. Working alongside Midland Junction Alliance (the Alliance), CMW Geosciences has undertaken a supplementary geotechnical site investigation to provide specific and targeted geotechnical information to address data gaps in the existing historic geotechnical data set and provide information to support optimisation of the design.

CMW Geosciences is now working in conjunction with the Alliance’s design teams to deliver geotechnical support. This includes optimising the foundation design (piling and shallow foundations) to help the Alliance reduce costs and optimise the programme schedule.


What we achieved

The supplementary geotechnical investigation was completed in late 2022, with over 650m of geotechnical drilling undertaken throughout the project area. Despite carrying out works in some challenging spaces (adjacent to active rail lines and within busy carparks), the investigation was completed without serious incident.

The project is ongoing, with detailed design works currently underway. CMW Geosciences continues to provide the Alliance with geotechnical design advice and recommendations as the design progresses. Building and maintaining a solid, trusted relationship with our client has been vital to the successful outcomes of this project.

METRONET New Midland Station Project |  | CMW Geosciences
Geotechnical drilling works in progress at Midland Station

METRONET New Midland Station Project | Yeronga Station | CMW Geosciences
Drilling adjacent to the rail lines

METRONET New Midland Station Project | Clapham Yard Bridge | CMW Geosciences
Drilling within the Midland Station car park

METRONET New Midland Station Project | O'Connell Terrace | CMW Geosciences
Drilling between the active rail lines at Helena Street

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