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Logbaba, Douala, Cameroon


The existing gas plant, in the Logbaba district of Douala in Cameroon, was bounded to the north by an overly steep slope with an overall height in excess of 20m.  Ongoing slope degradation, triggered by excavation at the toe of the slope and very heavy rainfall in the rainy season, was casing loss of ground that was impacting on safe access and working areas for the gas plant.


CMW was initially commissioned to visit site, assess the slope conditions, review proposed slope stabilisation remedial measures and support optimisation of the nature and scope of the adopted remediation works.

The initial scope of work was subsequently extended to include additional site visits and review to help further optimise the adopted solution, ensure adequate QA/QC controls and to assess the completed slope remediation works.

We were also called upon to address geotechnical issues associated with bulk earthworks and surface preparation for a large operations platform and rig access foundational rails for the new gas well drilling operation that was located above and behind the slope area.


The competed slope remediation works provided an adequately stable slope profile with vegetated surface protection.  This successful outcome was achieved by adopting established local construction processes and developing optimised design and specification details that were compatible with local practice.

The slope stabilisation and rig access areas all preformed as anticipated and the gas well drilling operations were successfully carried out in late 2016.


Our Client confirmed that they were pleased with the geotechnical support and assistance provided by CMW in optimising the approach adopted and the successful project outcomes that were achieved. 

General view of the slope before remediation

General view of remediated slope

General view of the prepared rig access area

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