Geotechnical Analysis

Numerical analysis of geotechnical works.

One fundamental and critical step of the geotechnical design process is detailed numerical analysis to assess anticipated stress and strain changes associated with existing and proposed substructure works.  Before analysis work can commence a relevant and robust ground model, incorporating appropriate design parameters for the anticipated ground strata, must be prepared.  The details obtained from the analysis are used in the selection, design and specification of the proposed solution.  

The analysis process requires examination and interpretation of the input parameters, including soil and rock properties and loading conditions, detailed computation of stress changes and deformations based on the development of a soil structure interaction model that incorporates the anticipated ground conditions (the ground model), the likely behaviour of the ground strata (design parameters), proposed construction changes (geotechnical solution) and project criterion such as durability, settlement, deflection and Factors of Safety (the project specification).  The analysis often requires consideration of upper and lower bound parameters, varying load/stress cases, variations of geometry, rate effects as well as short, medium and long term conditions. 

Sophisticated specialist software packages enable the CMW design team to conduct detailed analysis of complex geotechnical schemes to help maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the adopted design solutions. 

Software packages such as Wallap, Slide, D pile, PIGLET, PLAXIS (2D and 3D), Settle 3D and LimitState: Geo, are routinely used by our experienced design engineers to facilitate the analysis process.  We combine these sophisticated analytical processes with independent hand calculations, peer review and comparisons with previous project experience, based on fundamental soil mechanics principals, to calibrate our analyses and to help ensure relevant optimised results are obtained. 

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