Trench & Test Pit Sampling


CMW has experienced geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists who can complete investigation by means of trench and test pit excavations that enable close assessment, sampling and logging of the near surface soils.  The investigations are typically carried out with an excavator or backhoe, with the depth dependent on machine size and ground stability.  The excavation process also provides access for insitu and field testing and acquisition of samples for laboratory testing. 

One particular strength of the trench or test pit investigation is that it allows observation of the boundary relationships within a soil and rock profile. Test pits are also extremely useful to identify ground models associated with landslides, the identification of old fill, disturbed material or the depth of soft sediments. Both track mounted excavators and backhoes are used in a variety of ground conditions allowing for difficult terrain to be accessed.

The CMW team are familiar with and frequently conduct trench and test pit investigations such that the selection, scoping, execution, sampling and logging of relevant and cost effective tests is routinely incorporated into our geotechnical investigations.   Our extensive experience in the review and interpretation of trench and test pit data facilities efficient assessment of optimum design parameters for incorporation into the ground model. 

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