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earthworks for commercial and residential development.

Almost all commercial and residential developments require some degree of site preparation, surface treatment and cut/fill works to provide a suitable level platform on which to construct the works. 

In Australia AS 3798-2007 provides details of recommended earthworks procedures and specific earthworks inspection and testing requirements (Section 8). In New Zealand, NZ54431:1989 provides these details of projects involving earthworks regularly require independent monitoring, testing and assessment of compliance with construction specifications and the requirements of these standards.

CMW staff in Australia routinely undertake both Level 1 Inspection and Testing and Level 2 Sampling and Testing, as defined in AS 3798 for earthworks operations, While our New Zealand offices all maintain IANZ accreditation with ISO 17025 quality systems which covers a selection of tests and our trained staff who are routinely inspecting and testing earthworks operations. We prepare Earthworks Completion Reports or Statements of Compliance (as appropriate) confirming that the works meet the relevant projects' national and local council specifications.

CMW provide pro-active earthworks monitoring, incorporating on-site engineering advice and design support. We consistently provide practical relevant advice and information to optimise, and so reduce costs associated with earthworks operations. CMW achieve this in a number of ways including:

  • optimising topsoil strip depths based on organic content;
  • blending of topsoil to reduce overall organic content;
  • optimising fill lift thickness and compaction criteria in order to avoid over compaction;
  • assessing fill lift thicknesses and compaction criteria to optimise plant efficiency;
  • engineering based assessments in consideration of the end-use of land development to ensure cost effective earthworks strategies.

The fees associated with our hands on proactive engineering approach are insignificant when compared to the project savings achieved for the developer and/or construction efficiencies for the contractor.

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