Material Identification

Identifying, describing and logging soil types and properties.

In order to develop a reliable ground model it is necessary that the nature and properties of the soil strata likely to be present beneath a project area are identified, described and logged in a consistent and recognised manner.  This is achieved as part of a geological and geotechnical site investigation and requires input from Engineering Geologists and Geotechnical Engineers assessing both field and laboratory test data as well as published geological records.

CMW conduct geotechnical investigations that include the identification, description and logging of intersected soil strata in accordance with AS 1726 – 1993, Geotechnical Site Investigations or other International Standard as appropriate.  This process adopts a prescribed procedure and soil definitions to identify the nature of the ground beneath a site and the anticipated properties of the soil types. 

The identified soil types are described and logged in a recognised format that when presented in a geotechnical investigation report provides effective and efficient access to the required engineering and geological parameters by design and risk management members of the project team. 

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