Ground Anchors

High capacity tension elements for vertical and horizontal support.

Ground anchors are “in ground” high capacity tension elements that are commonly used to resist uplift loads on foundation bases, enhance slope stabilisation measures, resist pile test reaction loads or provide lateral restraint to deep retaining walls.  The anchors can be permanent or temporary, are generally of relatively small diameter and can be drilled and grouted or mechanically driven components.  Anchors are generally reinforced with steel strand or threaded bar and a locking mechanism at the anchor head which facilitates incorporation of prestress loads that can significantly reduce deflections and ground deformations.   

Most ground anchors are required to provide significant tensile capacity, and maintain relatively high factors of safety, as generally the anchor function is critical and failure can have catastrophic consequences.  This requires detailed analysis, design, specification, construction and testing  of all anchor components to achieve suitable results. 

The CMW team has significant ground anchor design, construction and testing experience and provides services including ground modelling, anchor design, test specification and assessment, construction detailing and inspection as well as selection and detailing of corrosion protection measures.

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