Landslide Remediation

Stabilising unstable ground to create opportunities for development.

Landslides and unstable slopes can occur within soils and rock throughout the world. In many instances the magnitude of risk to people and property as a result of land instability can prevent the safe use of land either at the base or top of the slope. The risk of instability can often be reduced to an acceptable level with the appropriate design of remediation and stabilisation works.

CMW assess the triggers and potential mechanisms of landslide failure  to better qualify or quantify the  risks involved with existing infrastructure, proposed developments and remediation of problematical areas.

Landslide risk assessment and remediation commences with execution of a suitable geological and geotechnical ground investigation to facilitate the development of a reliable ground model.  The ground model and land geometry are then assessed, in relation to any proposed developments and changed surface levels, to define potential instability mechanisms and determine the level of geotechnical risk to be addressed. 

Sophisticated 2D and 3D computer modelling and design is carried out to provide robust  engineering solutions that meet the project requirements. The  CMW team are familiar with and employ a number of different engineering techniques to stabilise landslides and unstable slopes.  These include:

  • Earthworks;
  • Shear keys;
  • Dewatering;
  • Retaining and palisade walls;
  • Sluicing;
  • Re-profiling;
  • Slope reinforcement; and
  • Installation of monitoring equipment.

The extensive landslide remediation experience within the CMW team enables us to provide effective investigations, analysis and design such that optimised solutions, in terms of construction practicality and cost effectiveness, are identified and adopted.

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