TSF and Waste Dump Design

The purpose of a TSF (Tailings Storage Facility) conceptual design is generally to provide a cost estimate for comparison or budgeting purposes (Feasibility Studies), and to gain approval from the relevant authorities if a change in tailings disposal methods is required, or if it forms part of a Mining Proposal for a proposed mine site.

The following considerations are required to complete a conceptual design suitable for costing and approval processes:

  • High-level design in 3D space to allow for calculations of required earthworks volumes and available tailings storage volumes.
  • Conceptual design drawings.
  • Dambreak assessment.
  • Stability and seepage analysis.
  • Liquefaction assessment.
  • Recommendations for operations and closure.
  • Conceptual design of storm water diversions.
  • Conceptual design of underdrainage collection systems.

The CMW Geosciences team regularly completes conceptual TSF designs and works together with the client to provide appropriate information for that particular project.

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