TSF Scoping Studies

The purpose of a TSF (Tailings Storage Facility) scoping study is to explore the available options at a minesite for disposal of tailings, taking into consideration the following factors:

  • Volume of tailings to be stored
  • Nature of tailings to be stored
  • Environmental footprint
  • Natural topography to minimise earthworks costs, storm water drainage requirements, underdrainage requirements
  • Water management requirements
  • Plant proximity
  • Access to power
  • Proximity to suitable construction materials
  • Economic rating of each option

The following disposal methods will be considered where relevant to the mine site:

  • Inpit disposal
  • Above ground paddock storage
  • Integrated Waste Landform
  • Central Thickened Discharge

Following a site visit, review of available information and discussions with the client regarding their requirements for tailings disposal, out CMW team will select appropriate options, develop preliminary sizing and design details, assess the advantages and disadvantages for each option, and then perform an options ranking. 

CMW Geosciences has significant experience in Western Australia, Australia as a whole, and on international tailings projects, to assist in recommending a future economic, environmentally-friendly and safe operating tailings storage facility.

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